About Us

Transforming The Permitting Industry


PermitNow is taking the transportation industry permitting process by storm! We make mobility and transportation easily accessible and stress-free.

We are an Alberta-based firm that focuses on transport permits. We assist businesses with any and all permit activities, including overweight/oversize, temporary trip/fuel and super loads across a variety of industries within Canada and the United States. We take pride in never turning away work and always finding a way to complete challenging permit projects.

You can rest easy knowing that Permit Now is a verified permit issue in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Our team members are TRAVIS agents, ready to provide you full service in Alberta

Working hand-in-hand to provide an extraordinary permit experience.

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What Makes Us Different

Comprehensive Travel Document Package

Includes a summary of all permits, routes, and costs, saving dispatchers from having to search through multiple emails.


Industry specialists with many years experience who are able to tackle any type of project regardless of complexities.

Great Reputation

Built on knowledge, relationships and industry experience. Plus a healthy and growing clientele list.

First-Name Basis

First-name basis with key industry contacts such as electricity providers and municipal/provincial permit departments.

Quick Turnaround Times

Quick turnaround times, particularly for trucking companies who call only after they needed permits “twenty minutes ago”.

In-House Mapping Layer

Maintained map layer for Western Canada, showing road bans, bridge restrictions & preferred truck routes.