Indigenous Relations

Our Commitment

PermitNow is committed to building and maintaining strong relationships with Indigenous communities. We acknowledge that we conduct our work on Treaty territories and within unceded territories in Canada. We recognize and respect the important role that Indigenous peoples play in history, culture and the ongoing development of Canada.

Our Approach: 

We understand that each Indigenous Community is unique, with their own traditions, values and priorities. Our approach to Indigenous relations is guided by the following principles. 

  1. Respect: We approach all communities with respect, humanity and a willingness to listen and learn. 
  2. Collaboration: We believe that building and maintaining partnerships is based on trust, mutual understanding and shared decision making. 
  3. Cultural Awareness: PermitNow recognizes the importance of Indigenous culture and strives to further educate our staff about the traditions, heritage, languages, and cultural customs of the communities we work with. 
  4. Economic Opportunities: We are committed to working with Indigenous communities to identify opportunities for economic development and growth while respecting their cultural and environmental values.


Our Commitments:

We understand that Indigenous Communities have unique rights and interests that must be considered and honored in the development and operation of transportation projects. PermitNow is committed to: 

  1. Engagement: We will engage with communities early and often, seeking to understand their perspectives, interests, and concerns.
  2. Accommodation: We will work with communities to protect their rights, interests, and cultural values, and seek to accommodate all concerns. 
  3. Capacity Building: We will support Indigenous communities to participate meaningfully in planning, decision making and oversight.
  4. Reconciliation: We recognize the need for reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada and will seek to build respectful and collaborative relationships based on this understanding.

PermitNow is committed to continuous improvement in our approach to Indigenous relations and welcome all feedback from communities and stakeholders on how we can improve.

If you are an Indigenous community or organization interested in learning more about our transportation permitting services or our approach to Indigenous relations, please contact us.

780-809-1954 ext. 302