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Permitting FAQ's

Q. Do I need a permit if my truck is empty?

A. This depends on which province/territory/state you will travel through, as well as your empty weights and dimensions. Some provinces and states will still require permits, and others may not. PermitNow can help you confirm you’re travelling legally.

Q. How long is my permit valid?

A. This answer varies and is completely dependent on the type of permit and where it is issued. Before requesting a permit to be issued, make sure you research how long it will be valid. Our team would love to help.

Q. How do I know if I need a temporary trip or fuel permit?

A. If you are not actively registered with IRP or IFTA and are travelling between Canada and the United States, you will likely need a temporary trip and/or fuel permit. If you’re unsure, give PermitNow a call!

Q. I didn’t fuel up. Do I need to pay a province’s fuel tax?

A. Yes! Fuel tax isn’t necessarily about the fuel you purchase, but more about the use of a province’s or state’s highways.

Q. How will I know if my load is overweight or oversize?

A. Each province, territory, and state is responsible for establishing parameters for weights and dimensions. There are a lot of considerations that go into these guidelines, including axle groupings and spacings. Check with each local government to find out if your load qualifies as oversize or overweight. You can also contact PermitNow for help!

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