ALCO – May 19, 2020

8.3m High x 6.7m Wide x 47m Long x 151000kg!
27’2 High x 22′ Wide x 154’2 Long x 333000lbs!

Paige worked on the approvals for this load for 2.5 weeks, and it finally hit the road May 19, 2020! Leaving Edmonton at 3AM and set to roll into Calgary at 10PM – Global News even came out to watch the show! There were many different steps to getting this CO2 Capture Unit on the road, all of which included: FORTIS, ATCO, AltaLink, Battle River & special coordination with the City of Edmonton and the City of Calgary! Thank you so much to ALCO for trusting us with this incredible load! Also a huge thank you to Rangeland Truck & Crane as well as Northern Dispatch 2012 for all your hard work delivering the load! 

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